Call 833.467.9938 for help.

We’ve also created a list of frequently asked questions that may help.

Q: How can I factory reset my wireless modem?
A: Locate the pinhole on the back of your modem. Use a paperclip to press the button inside the hole and hold the button down for a full ten seconds this should reset your modem. This will also reset your password to the original web key located on the bottom of the modem.

Q:What if I made a payment and it has cleared my bank but it isn’t showing on my balance?
A:Send us proof showing the date the check/card went through your account the amount on it to or fax to 731-613-9851

Q: What does No Signal mean on my TV?
A: This usually means the input has been changed on your TV. Please look and see what input you have your digital receiver hooked to, then make sure your input matches. Also, make sure that the TV is on channel 3.

Q: Some channels I am paying for say “not authorized” How do I fix this problem?
A: Unplug your digital receiver for 30 seconds. If the problem continues, call and speak with a representative.

Q:How do I set up auto draft payments?
A: On the back of your bill there is an area you can fill out with your information and mail in.

Q: How can i add someone to my SwyftConnect account so that they are allowed to make changes to my services without me?
A: Just give our friendly call center a call and let them know you want to add someone, the account holder will need to be the one to call and add people, all we will need is the persons name.

Q:Why does my guide information on my cable box say “to be announced”?
A: Check to see if you had some kind of power surge that would have caused the box to be turned off unexpectedly. If there was no power surge, check to make sure all of the lines are hooked up properly to the back of the cable box and that it is plugged in good. If everything is hooked up properly it may need to be reset by our customer service team. You can call them and have them send a hit to the box. Once the hit is sent it may take 45 minutes-1 hour for the guide info to come back up. If by that time it doesn’t then the box may need to be changed out.

Q:How can I set up an auto draft for my bill?
A: Go to our website and click on pay online. From there follow the prompts to set up an online acct to access 24/7 and there you will be able to set up auto draft payments.

Q:How do I change my input option?
A: Locate the input or source button on your remote or TV. It should give you a list of all your inputs. In order to watch digital channels your input should always be set on HDMI 1.

Q: Why do I have a convenience fee of 2.95 charged on my bill?
A:The fee is what we charge for processing a card payment. However, If you have a savings or checking account you can use that instead and not be charged the fee.