SwyftConnect Internet Transparency Statement

The following disclosures apply to CableSouth Media3 (“SwyftConnect”) broadband Internet access service (“Internet Service”).  These disclosures pertain solely to our Internet Service offerings and do not apply to any voice, video or other specialized services offered by SwyftConnect. The information contained in this disclosure is subject to modification without notice, as we deem necessary and appropriate. These disclosures are in addition to the other disclosures and terms and conditions set forth on our website at www.mymedia3.com.

CATEGORY 1: Network Management Practices

1. Congestion Management:

SwyftConnect works to ensure that its Internet Service subscribers have a high quality online experience. The bandwidth and network resources used to deliver our Internet Service are limited and shared among users. Congestion analysis is performed daily by SwyftConnect staff, which reviews all volumes of traffic ranging from individual network ports to the main core aggregation ports. Each component of the network is reviewed for bandwidth usage. The acceptable utilization range is below 80% of peak network usage. Once peak bandwidth traffic usage exceeds 80%, that section of the network is engineered to augment the network to increase capacity and available bandwidth for our customers. The sole purpose of congestion monitoring and management is to provide SwyftConnect customers with the best experience by maximizing available bandwidth on our network.   

2. Application-Specific Behavior:

SwyftConnect does not use any application-specific network management practices.  Further, SwyftConnect does not block or rate-control specific protocols or protocol ports, modify protocol fields (in ways not prescribed by the protocol standard), and does not inhibit or favor certain applications or classes of applications.  SwyftConnect does not discriminate against or otherwise prevent users of its Internet service from sending and receiving the lawful content of their choice; running lawful applications and using lawful services of their choice; or connecting their choice of legal devices, as long as such applications, services and devices do not harm the network or the provision of Internet Services, facilitate theft of service, or harm other users of the service. Similarly, SwyftConnect does not impair or degrade particular content, applications, services, or non-harmful devices. Application-Specific Behavior is not regulated or controlled by SwyftConnect. However, SwyftConnect does have the ability to see the amount bandwidth usage that is being used by a specific application/destination at a specific moment in time (flow monitoring). This usage information is only retained for a short period of time in order to provide a trending profile.

3. Device Attachment Rules: 

Customer premise equipment attachment rules for SwyftConnect’s Internet Service are dictated by the network technology platform standards, employed by SwyftConnect, such as DOCSIS and other factors. SwyftConnect provides customer premise equipment to its Internet Service customers free of charge with active service subscription. Should a customer choose to add their own cable modem to the network, it must be a DOCSIS 3.0 approved device. Customer devices that attach to the network are the sole responsibility of the customer and SwyftConnect does not restrict customer devices in any way.

4. Network Security Practices: 

SwyftConnect actively works to address threats posed by harmful and unwanted traffic, and reserves the right to protect the security and integrity of its network and its customers by any lawful means.  SwyftConnect employs security best practices to protect SwyftConnect core networking assets, including but not limited to routers, switches, firewalls, CMTS units and servers. Appliance-based and host-side firewalls are used to protect server assets. Access lists and strong passwords are used to protect network devices. Centralized authentication, authorization and accounting is also frequently utilized, where possible.

5. Blocking: 

SwyftConnect does not block nor restrict access to any lawful content, applications, services or non-harmful devices on its network.   However, to protect our customers, we may use reasonable network management practices to block or limit sources that are commonly used to launch malware, or other malicious attacks, send spam, or steal an end-user’s identify or personal information.

6. Throttling: 

SwyftConnect does not throttle, degrade or impair access to lawful Internet traffic based on the content, application, service, user or the use of a non-harmful device. 

7. Affiliated prioritization and or paid prioritization: 

SwyftConnect does not intentionally participate in any method of traffic shaping, prioritization, or resource reservation, in exchange for consideration, monetary or otherwise.

CATEGORY 2: Network Performance Characteristics 

Service Description: 

SwyftConnect provides Internet Service to customers through a redundant DOCSIS-based cable modem platform. The company’s Internet  provides the capability to transmit data to and receive data from all or substantially all Internet endpoints and is suitable for real-time applications.  SwyftConnect offers different tiers of Internet Service for residential and commercial customers. The tiers are primarily differentiated by the speed with which data is transmitted and received and, in some cases, the amount of data transfer allowance.  The price of each tier varies, primarily in relation to the data transfer speed of each. Tier characteristics may affect the suitability of a specific tier of service for the way you access and use the Internet. The rates, terms and conditions of service are subject to change from time to time and all tiers may not be available in all areas.  For detailed information pertaining to SwyftConnect Internet service offerings and packages, please visit www.mymedia3.com or call 1-866-257-2044.


Residential Internet service is provisioned for speeds up to 50 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload with in-network latency and jitter less than 30 milliseconds. Residential Internet service is offered on a no contract basis, and does not have any early termination fees.  The “actual” speed a customer experiences at any particular time may vary based on a number of factors and conditions, many of which are outside of our control. These conditions include, but are not limited to: performance of customer’s Internet-connected devices; the connection between a customer’s computer and modem; the distance packets travel (round trip); any congestion or high usage levels at the website or destination; any gating of speeds or access by the website or destination. In order to control traffic or performance, many websites limit the speeds at which a visitor can download from their site; the suitability of the cable modem; and the capacity limitations on SwyftConnect’s network.

Data Usage Allowances

SwyftConnect does not have any charges for bandwidth usage.

Impact on Specialized Services:

SwyftConnect offers dedicated fiber transport, dedicated fiber IP, dark fiber lease, GPON transport and IP. With these different types of technologies and physical networks, the networks are not in contention with each other. 

SwyftConnect offers Voice-over-IP (“VoIP”) services which use shared network capacity. In order to accommodate the technical requirements of VoIP service, SwyftConnect gives VoIP traffic priority in its network over general data traffic. However, because VoIP services use relatively little bandwidth, VoIP services are not likely to affect the performance of SwyftConnect’s Internet Service. Although all services are affected at any given time by the total network usage, SwyftConnect’s provision of specialized services does not adversely affect its provision of Internet Services.


The FCC requires ISPs to disclose information regarding the expected and actual speeds and latency of our Internet Services. There are a number of publicly available sources of information regarding actual broadband performance, each of which uses a different methodology and thus may produce different results. Please note, however, that all performance tests are based on certain assumptions and therefore have certain inevitable biases and flaws. The results of such tests therefore should be considered a guide rather than a definitive measurement of performance. Also, customers should keep in mind that a speed a customer experiences at a specific location may vary from the average speed calculated on a company-wide basis. In addition, these tests are dependent on a variety of factors, including the customer’s home network configuration, modem and Internet-connected devices and the time of day, and therefore do not reflect the performance of the SwyftConnect network only. Customers can check the speed of their current Internet connection using free commercial speed test available on other sites. 

The table below shows SwyftConnect’s expected and actual upstream and downstream speeds and expected and actual latency during busy and non-busy times, for our upgraded markets. Performance data reflected below was collected by SwyftConnect during busy and non-busy times over a 24-hour period for each of the Internet Service levels reflected on the table below and reflects an average result. The results below are illustrative of what the majority of users in our markets experience on average. However, the results do not reflect the performance levels to be expected by any individual customer at any particular time. 

Service Tiers
(d/u in Mbps)*
(expected / actual ms)

*D/U means download/upload

As noted above, SwyftConnect does not have any usage-based fees or charges for bandwidth usage.  If a customer terminates service prior to the end of the service term SwyftConnect will charge for the entirety of the unfulfilled contract term.

CATEGORY 3: Commercial Terms:

Rates and Terms:

Specific service fees and rates for an individual subscriber are set forth in the subscriber’s terms of service.  Information regarding our Internet Services, including additions, changes or modifications are also publicized on the SwyftConnect web site at: www.mymedia3.com 

SwyftConnect does not have any usage-based fees or charges for bandwidth usage.  If a customer terminates service prior to the end of the service term SwyftConnect will charge for the entirety of the unfulfilled contract term.

Privacy policies:

Personal information you provide to SwyftConnect is governed by SwyftConnect’ privacy policy, available at [www.swyftconnect.com].  SwyftConnect does not intentionally inspect or store any network traffic. 

Redress options:

For questions, complaints or requests for additional information about SwyftConnect’ Internet Services or regarding any of the information set forth above, please contact a customer service representative at 1-866-257-2044 Option 2 then Option 3 for technical support concerning Internet Service issues. 

The FCC has established procedures for addressing informal and formal complaints regarding broadband service. For information concerning these formal and informal complaint procedures, please refer to the FCC’s website at http://www.fcc.gov/guides/getting-broadband.